Evgeny Lebedev – Black Rain

Rising producer Evgeny Lebedev had another standout year in 2018 that saw him land releases with Black Hole Recordings and appearances on Markus Schulz’s the Global DJ Broadcast. The Russian talent harnessed that building momentum and wasted no time diving head first in to 2019 with his first production of the year, officially scheduled for release on January 28th via Heath Mill Recordings.

Titled ‘Black Rain’, this booming record encapsulates listeners early on with big-time synth structures and powerful bass lines that continuously evolve throughout the entirety of the track’s duration. Clocking in at nearly seven minutes in length leaves Lebedev with ample time to truly bring about an impressive progression that sees the track work through several sonically-distinct, yet seemingly seamless sound structures. The long-winded intro features expansive horns and soundscapes that eventually blossom in to breathtakingly distinct breakdowns, before working in to a powerhouse rhythm in the record’s final two minutes.

‘Black Rain’ is easily one of our favorite releases to date and something that opens the doors for the release of the first ever Heath Mill compilation album, Beneath The Arches, on February 25th.

Michael A – Diaspora / Parallel Ways

Less than a month after delivering fans a properly-timed Christmas present (‘Let The Sun Shine’ & ‘Epilogue’ dropped last year on Christmas eve), label-favorite Michael A returns with his first offering of 2019. Officially scheduled for release on January 21st, the Belarussian artist has another two-track EP lined up that features a pair of unique productions that are perfectly depictive of the Michael A sound and direction he’s headed. And, quite honestly, the release makes for a truly beautiful addition to the Heath Mill Recordings repertoire.

The most recent offering leads with ‘Diaspora’, a blissed out progressive gem that features a distinctly enchanting vocal snippet and brilliantly smooth sound design from start to finish. The record clocks in at over six minutes in length, working through expansive synth structures, crisp percussive melodies, and the faint echo of that beloved vocal bit all along the way. By track’s end, the talented producer has pulled together an anthem that’ll entice party-goers on just about any dance floor out there.

The EP’s b-side is an eight minute-long groover titled ‘Parallel Ways’. ‘Parallel Ways’ is more of a subdued production, in comparison to its a-side counterpart, that boasts tightly-reverbed synth structures and beaming back melodies. Michael A does a beautiful job introducing several moods and emotions as the track progresses that continuously build off the previous chord progressions between each breakdown. Overall, the record tends to get a bit darker as it progresses, largely due to added effects such as more reverbed/horn-like synth blares and eerie samples, making this one a perfect warm up before heading straight down the rabbit hole for a bit.

Verche – Vapour / Bora

Following the release of the most recent Jelly For The Babies EP, the strong start to the Heath Mill Recordings’ 2019 campaign continues with their second release in as many weeks. Stepping up to the plate this time is another label-mainstay in Verche, who hadn’t graced the label with his presence since this past June. However, Verche makes his heavily anticipated return with his upcoming two track EP, officially scheduled for release via the west coast-based Heath Mill label on January 14th.

Even though we hadn’t heard from the Croation-based DJ and producer since June, the EP’s lead track, titled ‘Vapour’, serves as the perfect reminder as to why he’s one of the favorites amongst Heath Mill fans all over. ‘Vapour’ is a scintillating production that primarily encapsulates listeners with a consistently budding lead melody and powerfully rugged percussive instrumentation. Along the way, he introduces retro-influenced synth patterns and intricately structured chord progressions to develop a full-bodied soundscape perfectly aimed at dance floors all over.

On the other side of things lies ‘Bora’, the ideal cap to Verche’s first release of the year with Heath Mill Recordings. The simple kick-clap combo that leads off ‘Bora’ presents the perfect foundation to build a series of tantalizing lead melodies and atmospheric sound effects for your listening pleasure. The record’s heavenly atmospheric sound effects provide a stark contrast from its deliberately driving main frame, resulting in an audibly satisfying dissonance. All in all, the label’s second release of the year falls right in line with the Heath Mill vision and figures to set the label up for another year of successes in 2019.

Jelly For The Babies – Matter Of Time / Neuro

Up next for the ever-evolving Heath Mill Recordings imprint is another two-track release from label-standout Marijan Raskovic, aka Jelly For The Babies. Arriving officially on January 7th, the two-track EP marks the first we’ve heard from the Serbian-born artist since his last EP dropped on the West Coast record label at the end of 2017 and sees the label owner/radio show host kick off the winter months in style.

Matter of Time’ is a monstrous record that is easily one of the better tracks to come across the label as of late. Starting with a rhythmic percussive melody led by hollowed drum pads and a lead synth that alternates back and forth between two elongated notes, Raskovic carefully builds a production that continues to impress from start to finish. Raskovic uses that foundation to explore a series of deeper synth lines and added effects that’ll have anyone within earshot on a cosmic journey instantaneously.

The EP concludes with ‘Neuro’, a twisted production that clocks in astonishingly at just shy of 10 minutes in duration. The record begins with a cavernous soundscape dimly lit by the continuous throb of a looped synth line and a crisp snare rhythm. Over the top, a wandering synth melody captures the attention of those listening before eventually fading back in to the abyss of the production’s soundscape. By the record’s midway point, Raskovic has firmly instilled a driving rhythm down the center of the production while continuing to explore several lead melodies and looped effects, each unique in their own right.


GMJ – One Lamp

2018 ends in style with the return of talented Australian artist, GMJ. The veteran DJ and producer first made an impression on the Heath Mill Recordings imprint with a scorching single titled ‘Unseen Worlds’. His return has been a highly anticipated one ever since and fortunately enough his latest single arrives just in time for New Years Eve.

The official release date for GMJ’s ‘One Lamp’ is set for December 31st, but the record is already turning heads on the DJ circuit. A steady production from top to bottom, the Australian product offers up a silky-smooth single that features a steady stream of intricately looped hi hats, claps, and synths. Carefully adding a series of nuanced layers as the track progresses, listeners are introduced to several lush pads and soft synth chords while the snare/hi hat combo adds a degree of crispness to the soundscape’s backbone. Amidst the carefully structured rhythms is an echoed vocal sample placed over the top and a low end that boasts a soft and elongated, almost horn-like, note that fades in and out until the record comes to an end.

Michael A – Let The Sun Shine / Epilogue

It’s Christmas Eve and progressive fans have reason to celebrate a bit early. The reason? Heath Mill Recordings is ending the 2018 campaign on a high note thanks in large part to a powerful two track EP from label standout Michael A. His return comes just months after the release of a July EP that included one of his most brilliant productions to date, ‘Andromeda,’ and comes less than a year after he was tasked with delivering the burgeoning west coast label’s 50th release.

‘Let The Sun Shine’ leads off Michael A’s most recent two-track offering in style. Powerfully restrictive in all the right ways, the EP’s lead single delivers a number of tantalizing qualities that has us leaving this track on repeat quite regularly. The record boasts a somewhat delicate delivery that sees refined synth lines and ominous, overlaying horns take handle of the record’s soundscape. Throughout its duration, the Belarus product and Genesis Music label boss continuously proves why he’s one of the label’s most respected producers largely due to the record’s intricately structured synth patterns and driving percussive melody.

The final production of 2018 from Michael A and second-to-last to pass through the Heath Mill release stable is ‘Epilogue’. Expertly crafted and perfectly primed for those Burning Man-style settings, ‘Epilogue’ has that heady, slow-churning groove to it that stateside house fans have been eating up over the last several years. The record’s tribal-influenced percussion melodies slowly make way for a properly fat bass line that stands out in an otherwise subdued record and one that Heath Mill feels is an accurate depiction of the label’s direction in 2019.

Gordey Tsukanov – Taste Of Darkness / Numbness

Russian talent Gordey Tsukanov makes a return appearance on Heath Mill Recordings as we kick off the month of December and ring in the winter months. Gordey first graced the Heath Mill imprint this past April with a pair of brilliant productions that left the label core seriously impressed. Bringing him back on for another EP was an instant no-brainer, and the resulting product is an impressive return that has the Heath Mill label placed squarely in the upper echelon of imprints releasing cutting edge house and progressive.

Leading things off for Tsukanov is the stunningly enchanting production “Taste of Darkness”. “Taste of Darkness” is stricken with powerful chord structures and a truly angelic vocal bit that is wrapped in warm, fuzzy bass lines and a powerful main frame. Gordey continues to overlay a variety of synth melodies throughout the track’s duration while underneath, the snare and hi hats drive its dance floor-oriented beat.

The final release of 2018 from Gordey Tsukanov sees the Black Hole artist make a definitive statement about where he’s headed come the new year. “Numbness” is the perfect production for setting the tone early on in the night. The long-winded production takes listeners on a proper sonic journey rich in budding synth chords and thunderous sound effects en route to delivering a break down that is driven by brooding bass lines and a down right nasty percussive bit. The record’s eerie nature and relentless instrumentation make it the perfect weapon for just about any DJ.

All in all, the end product has Tsukanov and Heath Mill fans heavily anticipating what’s in store for next year.

Matter – Energon (Michael A Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

The inclusion of Energon on the highly-anticipated Beneath The Arches compilation album was an absolute no-brainer. The original version was a New Years Day release from earlier this year that saw Heath Mill Recordings kick off the 2018 campaign with a bang. Originally produced by Australian-based artist, Matter, it was the second release for the young artist on Heath Mill following his debut single the fall prior and quickly became one of the imprints top productions.

For Michael A, another Heath Mill-favorite and rising talent in his own right, it is the second remix of his to land on the Beneath The Arches compilation. The first of which saw him tasked with remixing one of the growing labels first ever releases, Palmer, by Heath Mill-boss, Accendo.

The Michael A remix of Energon is an intricately structured piece that truly any audiophile would be impressed with. Whereas the original is certainly more of a subdued production, Michael A brings with him an arsenal of lush pads and elongated synth chords that wash over the top of the productions soundscape like a series of waves. By expanding on a number of the melodies introduced in the original, introducing a couple of new sounds on his own, and amplifying the output on the low-end, the resulting product is a remix that is decidedly more suited for quelling rowdy audiences during peak time, but is a dance floor weapon that can certainly handle the dance floor at any given time or place.

Verche – Abyssus (Biologik Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

Hailing from Toronto, Biologik represents the first North American-based artist to grace the upcoming Beneath The Arches compilation album with a remix of Verche’s ‘Abyssus’. The Canadian talent has been producing music professionally for the better part of two decades now, garnering support from some major DJ acts such as Markus Schulz. Bilogik’s back catalog features releases on a number of familiar electronic music labels, including Proton Music, Particles, and Balkan Connection.

‘Abyssus’ marked the conclusion of Verche’s second release with the Heath Mill Recordings label and is the first time his name lands on the soon-to-be released compilation. The original track featured looped vocal echos and hollowed synth notes to draft a somber soundscape for the Croatian-based artist to explore sonically. It also happened to open up a world of possibilities for Biologik to work with on this remix.

The Biologik remix takes a decidedly more minimalistic approach than the original production. While some chord progressions from the original can be heard fading in and out occasionally, the Toronto-based Biologik focuses on carefully layering a small number of bellowing, low-end synth chords that blend perfectly with the crisp percussive rhythms and ambient atmosphere. As the production continues to evolve, the ‘Abyssus’ remix works through several twilight-stricken melodies while continuing to deliver an undeniable groove on all accounts that Heath Mill could not be more excited to share with the world with the release of Beneath The Arches.

Jelly For The Babies – Overwhelming (Modeplex Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

Modeplex is a talented DJ and producer birthed to a musical family in the south of Germany. Having been surrounded by music since such a young age, it was truly a natural progression for the German to get in to booking and networking with promoters in his early 20s.

Around this time, he began to tinker with DJing and producing different sound within the electronic music spectrum. After some time honing his skills, the young talent managed to secure his first official release with a record label in early 2014, Deflected Digital Recordings. Deflected put the Modeplex name in the spotlight for the very first time and the following four years have seen a steady increase in output. His resume now boasts a number of releases with heralded labels from Balkan Connection to Wasabi Recordings to Groovematics and, perhaps most impressively, Steyoyoke.

He graces the Heath Mill Recordings label for the first time this year as part of the upcoming Beneath The Arches compilation album. In doing so, we see yet another remix at the hands of a Jelly For The Babies original production, Overwhelming.

The Modeplex take on Overwhelming is impressive, to say the least. Its a beautifully unique interpretation that tips its cap in the direction of the original in all the right ways. Dialing in on one of the records most prominent synth chords and the infectious low-end rhythms, Modeplex gets to work looping the distinctively twilight-stricken synth melodies while taking command of a driving bass line rhythm. Overall, the track exhibits a solid natural progression and a firm grasp on sound design while making a fine addition to the Heath Mill label.