Accendo – Palmer (Michael A Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

Michael A makes his first appearance on the upcoming Beneath The Arches compilation album in seriously proper form. The Belarussian-product first debuted on Heath Mill Recordings towards the end of last summer with an impressive two-track EP that set the tone for a series of solid releases with the imprint. Hes tasked with perhaps his biggest challenge yet on the Beneath The Arches comp in taking on one of Heath Mills very first releases.

Originally released in August of 2014, Palmer was the second ever production to land on Heath Mill. Produced by label-head, Accendo, the record was part of a five-release series that sonically explored the glacier-filled mountains of the Portland region while carefully sculpting the vision for the labels future along the way.

Now, more than four years after the fact, Palmer receives a bit of a revival from now label-favorite Michael A. While the original production is an electro-charged anthem that fueled the early sounds of the burgeoning label, Michael As new take on the record infuses a more hypnotic and melancholic sound that has come to represent the direction Heath Mill Recordings has taken as a label of late.

Looping succulent percussive rhythms with ease, the Belarus-born artist introduces several synth chords simultaneously to begin filling out the records soundscape. Over the next six minutes, listeners are treated to a bevy of lush synth structures, dreamy atmospheres, and smooth low ends that truly depicts an impressively unique remix that properly tips its cap in the direction of the original.

GMJ – One Lamp (Forerunners Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

This next remix represents another big one coming from the Heath Mill Recordings camp. The upcoming Beneath The Arches compilation album has seen the roster extend to the point of including some seriously recognized talent within the progressive and trance communities and that doesnt appear to be changing going forward.
It started with adding Basil OGlue to the West Coast-based labels roster early on in the compilation and continues now with the addition of Forerunners.
The Arizona-based artist, real name Brenden LaBonte, has a career thats already reached impressive heights in just under a decades time. With releases that have graced the likes of labels such as Silk Music, Saturate Audio, Paul Oakenfolds Perfecto, and Solarstones Pure Progressive, its easy to see why the Forerunners touch has been in demand for years now.
He joins the Heath Mill Recordings team this fall with a fresh take on one of the labels prior releases, One Lamp by GMJ. One Lamp was released as a single just this past July and marked his second release with the label. The Australian-based artist graced fans with a summer-soaked anthem that had made the year plus since his first release on Heath Mill well worth the wait.
The Forerunners remix, however, takes on a life of its own. The records distorted intro induces a hypnotic state that is only amplified with each passing minute. LaBonte drives home a series of layered synth structures that exist in a perpetual loop on top of one another while simultaneously building and contracting upon the tracks ambient atmospheres throughout its duration. The resulting product is one of the most unique to hit the album.

Gordey Tsukanov – Taste of Darkness (Tencode Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

The upcoming Tencode remix of the single ‘Taste of Darkness’, originally produced by Russian-based artist Gordey Tsukanov, delivers both an entirely new artist to Heath Mill Recordings and track to the upcoming Beneath The Arches compilation.

Tencode is the artist alias for Ukrainian Sergey Cooper. The burgeoning talent’s productions have featured on Black Hole Recordings, Colorize (Enhanced), and Saturate Audio. With a rapidly growing demand for the artist’s production talents, Heath Mill Recordings is honored to have Tencode join the label’s roster.

The Tencode remix of ‘Taste of Darkness’ is nothing short of spectacular. Its beauty lies within the intricacies of the track’s sound design and represents another production that is distinctly unique while simultaneously fitting the Heath Mill Recordings and Beneath The Arches aesthetic. For fans of minimally-charged progressive trance anthems capable of commanding the attention of large rooms, the Tencode remix of ‘Taste of Darkness’ is right up that alley.

Ametrine – Breath of Elegance (Alex Pich Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

Ametrine’s original production, ‘Breath of Elegance’, receives the remix treatment from Alex Pich for the upcoming Heath Mill Recordings’ album: Beneath The Arches.

Alex Pich has been creating music professionally since 2005 and in that time the Russian producer has seen his tracks garner support from industry heavyweight DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, and Paul Oakenfold. Some of his most popular records to date have landed on Silk Music, Clinique Recordings, and Colorize (Enhanced).

Alex Pich expands upon the original in a big way for his debut with Heath Mill Recordings. The remix clocks in at just under seven minutes in length which is nearly twice as long as the original production. In addition, the Alex Pich remix of ‘Breath of Elegance’ is decidedly more somber in feel and hypnotic in tempo. The remix also features an elongated bridge during which a beautiful piano melody take hold of the spotlight, before diving back in the twilight-stricken lead.

Ewan Rill – Details (Robert R. Hardy Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

‘Details’ marks the next production to be included on the upcoming Heath Mill Recordings’ album Beneath The Arches. Produced by Ivan Romanovskii, best known by the stage name of Ewan Rill, ‘Details’ originally came out on Heath Mill as the b-side to a two-track EP. In ‘Details’, Ewan Rill delivered a beautiful original production that was highlighted by an incredibly infectious low-end bit and a well-rounded soundscape that fit perfectly with the Heath Mill aesthetic.

The record’s upcoming inclusion on the Beneath The Arches album; however, comes in the form of a remix from another face fresh to the Heath Mill team in Robert R. Hardy. Robert R. Hardy is a bright talent that seemingly spends every possible waking moment making magic happen in the studio. As a direct result of that work ethic, he has managed to find a home with several well-respected labels as of late including Balkan Connection, Superordinate Music, and a host of others.

Robert R. Hardy’s remix of ‘Details’ clocks in at just over eight minutes in length and represents a brilliantly refreshing take on the original. The intro is patient in its build, but eventually the lush sounds of a budding lead melody can be heard creeping in from the background. Upon hitting its stride, Hardy’s take is blissful and features a crisp enough percussive rhythm and a flourishing back melody that allows the overall production to blossom beautifully. Overall, its a production that falls perfectly in line with the direction of Beneath The Arches.

Jelly For The Babies – Matter of Time (Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

The second track from Jelly For The Babies to be included on the upcoming Heath Mill Recordings compilation album, Beneath The Arches, is a remix of ‘Matter of Time’. ‘Matter of Time’ is the latest release from Jelly For The Babies on Heath Mill, having come out this September as part of a two-track EP. The remix landing on the Beneath The Arches compilation album; however, is a production from another pair of artists whom are making their debut on Heath Mill.

Sonic Union, born Erik Petterson, is a Swedish born DJ and producer and co-founder of the Lowbit records label. With a career that now spans two decades, Petterson’s sound has allowed him to tour countries such as India, Greece, and Mexico, while holding down residencies in Canada and his home country of Sweden.

In 2005, Sonic Union officially joined forces with his studio partner, Daniel Sandberg, who was producing under the artist alias: Bastards of Funk. The duo has been on fire ever since landing records on both Ministry of Sound and Global Underground compilation albums, notching releases on labels such as Replug, Whartone, Spherax, and Baroque, and launching the Lowbit imprint themselves in 2009. Heath Mill’s label owner, David Baker, was originally introduced Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk after hearing their track ‘Rhythm’ featured on an episode of Anjunabeats Worldwide that was DJ mixed by Jono Grant.

Their take on ‘Matter of Time’ is a tantalizing remix that demonstrates an innate ability to add the unique Sonic Union and Bastards of Funk touch without compromising the integrity of the original production. The remix highlights a soft, tribal percussive rhythm at the start that levels out and is overtaken by a series of long-winded synth progressions before fading in to an echoed, vocal-driven break down that eventually ends with a funk-laden bass chord riding along a sturdy low end. All in all, the Sonic Union and Bastards of Funk remix represents simultaneously a diversity and unity within the Heath Mill family.


GMJ – Unseen Worlds (Kobana Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

GMJ‘s debut production on Heath Mill Recordings, Unseen Worlds, is the next track to receive the remix treatment for the electronic music label’s upcoming album Beneath The Arches. ‘Unseen Worlds’ was originally released in August of 2017 and ranks as one of the label’s highest charted tracks. It is now given new life with Kobana‘s take on the progressive house gem.

Kobana began producing electronic music in 2000 and has spent countless hours at his home studio in Zielona Gra, Poland perfecting his craft. Today, the Polish artist is regarded as one of the top producers in the progressive house music scene with his work being published on genre leading labels Anjunadeep, Proton Music, and Balkan Connection. Kobana is not entirely unfamiliar with the Heath Mill team having performed remix duties on a track produced by Jelly For The Babies and featuring with GMJ on Proton Music’s ‘French Sauce’ release.

Kobana’s remix of ‘Unseen Worlds’ picks up quickly, diving in to a sultry hi hat lead backed with airy synth pads and a soft guitar riff in the background, but is ultimately a bit more subdued compared to its original counterpart. The atmosphere is reminiscent of early to mid 2000s progressive house records that put the genre back in the spotlight, but features a modern twist that makes it the perfect fit for Beneath The Arches.


Jelly For The Babies – Beska (LoQuai Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

The LoQuai remix of Jelly For The Babies‘ original production, ‘Beska’, is the third track to be officially announced on the upcoming Heath Mill Recordings album Beneath The Arches.

LoQuai is the artist alias of Konstantin Alt who was born in Kazakhstan and now hails from Frankfurt, Germany. The artist’s first exposure to electronic music occurred while watching MTV. Konstantin was captivated by the endless possibilities of what he was listening to, inspired to create his own productions, and made the decision in 1998 to acquire his first electronic instruments. Loquai would go on to spend many years refining his production skills and explored many styles found in electronic music genres like psychedelic trance, techno, and drum & base.

In 2005, Loquai released a 4 track EP on Ultimate House Records. Loquai has gone on to release his own productions and remixes on over 70 record labels, with the bulk of his tracks being published on Mystique Music. LoQuai makes his debut on Heath Mill Recordings by performing remix duties on Jelly For The Babies original production Beska.

Beska was originally constructed as a soft, chillout inspired record. The LoQuai remix is a dramatic transformation into a powerful progressive house anthem that is rich in big, bellowing chord structures and booming low-end rhythms. Loquai shows a deep understanding of sound design and melody progressions, as the attention to detail that went into each note and every chord can be felt with each passing second. The end result in a special remix that Heath Mill is honored to include on the upcoming Beneath The Arches album.


Matter – Lonely Robot (MUUI Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

The second track to be officially announced on the heavily anticipated Heath Mill Recordings album, Beneath The Arches, is a remix of ‘Lonely Robot’ created by label mainstay Matter. Berlin-based producer and live hardware wizard, MUUI, takes on the special task of reworking the original.

MUUI is a breath of fresh air in today’s electronic music scene. It is no surprise that top DJs in the progressive house genre like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, and GUY J have taken an interest in MUUI’s music and have regularly featured his deep and melodic tracks in their live sets. The German’s vast catalog of releases showcases a wide range of influences and mastery of production techniques. MUUI achieved a significant artist milestone in 2015 with the release of his debut album ‘Escape The Remedies’ on Crossfrontier Audio. The album would go on to top Beatport’s Deep House chart and was recognized as one of the Top 20 Dance Albums of the year by Hot Press Magazine. We are equally excited at Heath Mill about the potential of MUUI’s remix of ‘Lonely Robot’ to climb the dance music charts, as we believe the track ranks as one the best on the upcoming album.

‘Lonely Robot’, as remixed by MUUI, is a track that dances playfully with ease between the lines of the Progressive House and Ambient genres. The German producer delivers a series of flawlessly crafted, hair-raising chord progressions which rest gently over the top of the record’s silky-smooth soundscape. A crisp, percussive melody drives the track’s mainframe and delightfully brings all of the remix’s elements together to guide the listener to a deeper state of reflection. Throughout the entire duration of this moody track, MUUI has his production talents on full display and provides fans with countless reasons to look forward to the release of Beneath The Arches.


Evgeny Lebedev – A Million Little Pieces (Basil O’Glue Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

Kicking off the start of track announcements for the upcoming Heath Mill Recordings’ album, Beneath The Arches, is a remix of Evgeny Lebedev’s ‘A Million Little Pieces’. The track receives a massive update from one of the Progressive House music scene’s most talented and fastest-rising stars in Basil O’Glue.

Basil O’Glue, born Haris Vasiloglue, is a Greek producer and DJ who has been releasing electronic music for over the last decade. His tracks first garnered major support in 2011 after being discovered by Markus Schulz and receiving significant airtime on his Global DJ radio show. The Greek producer hit a major milestone in 2014 after being featured on Richard Durand’s acclaimed In Search of Sunrise compilation. Basil O’Glue has since gone on to have his music released on major labels such as J00F Recordings, Bonzai Progressive, and Saturate Audio.

Basil O’Glue’s remix of ‘A Million Little Pieces’ is nothing short of spectacular. The 8 minute long production takes a moody approach towards a long-winded progressive gem that blossoms in to the perfect late-night weapon. Filled with crunchy bass lines and a big-time atmosphere from the start, this remix utilizes a catchy, looped lead melody into entrancing listeners while slowly building towards a euphoric release of epic proportions that figures to stir up some magic on the dance floor. Basil O’Glues remix of ‘A Million Little Pieces’ is the perfect fit for Heath Mill and the ideal lead track to share from the upcoming Beneath The Arches album.