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Verche – Sirius / Incognito

Rising Progressive House producer Verche is making his presence felt with his debut two track EP release on Heath Mill Recordings.

‘Sirius’ is somber in nature, representing one of the softest tracks the label has released to date. The soft pads are inviting and comforting and give way for one of the smoothest melodies we’ve heard in a long while. The alternating synth notes take lead of this melodic piece before dissipating seamlessly in the background, leaving the striking percussive beats to stand out. Verche crafts a complex, yet subtle back bone comprised of pads, hi hats, and lush kicks to keep things interesting while the over tones fade in and out.

‘Incognito’ clocks in at just under 10 minutes long and develops a heavy groove early on thanks to some well-crafted melodies and synth patterns. The first half of the track sees a steady progression centered around distant synth melodies, soft pads, and crisp hi hat rhythms while Verche uses the song’s canvas to paint an eerie picture in the minds of the listener. As Verche eases in to a solid groove midway through ‘Incognito’, the soft melodies craft an atmosphere that’ll have you forgetting about any worries you may have by the end of the record.

Both songs, while unique in their own right, are more than capable of holding their own on the dance floor and mark an impressive start from Verche on Heath Mill.


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