Keith Harris – Underworld

The 47th release in the Heath Mill Recordings catalog comes from an artist the imprint hasn't quite been able to get enough of. The Cork City, Ireland-based Keith Harris last saw a release on the West Coast-based label around this same time last year and, after a brief musical hiatus that was interrupted by a smooth remix of Air Traffic, has returned with a firm grasp on the direction and sound he wants to show the world in 2018 and beyond. Due out officially on March 12th of this year, Harris' newest single 'Underworld' comes correct with a powerful kick and bright synth patterns right off the bat that slowly blossom in to a cascading array of reverberated notes. A bit more even keel than some of the label's more recent releases, 'Underworld' hovers around 120 BPM and features beautifully placed piano melodies that gives an elegant breather between each build and drop. Even the pickiest of music critics will not be able to deny the beautiful quality of this downright well-made progressive dance music gem.