release date:

May 15, 2017



119 / 120

Em / Ebm

7:47 / 8:42

Jelly For The Babies – Nothing To Lose / Overwhelming

Marijan Raskovic, better known by his stage name Jelly For The Babies, joins the Heath Mill Recordings roster at the turn of the month with a stunning two track release that continues the exploration of the deeper side of Progressive music. The Serbian DJ and producer, who also has a radio show and two record labels of his own, will be releasing both ‘Nothing To Lose’ and ‘Overwhelming’ via Heath Mill on May 15th , ushering in the warm weather with even warmer beats.

‘Nothing To Lose’ proves to be a hypnotic groover right from the get go with intricate and lush back melodies that make way for subtle wood notes to rest over the top of the track’s musical canvas. The record’s chunky percussive rhythms bring more than enough energy to the table, while the silky smooth synth melodies ease the mind, body, and soul. The near eight-minute long cut is both atmospheric and precise, proving to hold a level of depth few artists can achieve.

Following that up with ‘Overwhelming’, Jelly For The Babies slides right in to a twilight-stricken melody with wavering bass-notes cascading in the background. Raskovic centers a tight, prominent kick to hold the rhythm while the high end synths, faded string melodies, and ambient nature entrance any listener to cross its path. The record’s rhythmic, Tech-influenced percussive bits that play off the whimsy of the string melodies in to one, harmonious marriage.

We are certainly excited for more from Jelly For The Babies. This next year will be a big one for Heath Mill and Marijan looks to be a regular fixture on the release schedule for the foreseeable future.


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