Ametrine – Art of Dawn / Breath of Elegance

Ametrine's return to Heath Mill Recordings has been long overdue. The NYC-bred DJ and producer has certainly remained busy since the release of his first two track EP 'Cirrus' and 'Cloud Fortress' last summer, with several bits of exciting news surfacing over the holiday season. Just after Christmas, the young talent announced a second creative outlet, Ecrivu, which would allow for the exploration of more drum n bass influenced soundscapes while a collaboration as Ametrine was included in the Synth Collection's PHW & Friends vol. 12 compilation. 'Art of Dawn' leads the upcoming release, officially due out on Heath Mill on February 19th, as an impressive overall production. Hovering around the 117 BPM mark, 'Art of Dawn' is an ever-evolving, melodic record that transcends a variety of hypnotic soundscapes led by lush piano chords and supple synth structures. Backed with a steady kick/clap combo on the low end, the mids and highs are used for sonically exploring a bevy of chord structures, harmonies, and open ended piano instrumentals that give the track a distinct flavor. Ametrine's first release of the 2018 campaign with Heath Mill concludes with a slightly more upbeat production in 'Breath of Intelligence'. Clocking in at just under eight minutes in duration, 'Breath of Intelligence' uses some of the same open-ended piano melodies as 'Art of Dawn' stretched over a series of bouncy synth patterns and cascading sound effects. Some vocals can be heard echoing in and out of each bridge and chorus while the drops feature a more prominent low end contrasting with those same piano melodies, rounding out a flawless two track release for Heath Mill Recordings in strong fashion.