Alex H – Matobo

Alex H returns with a brand new release titled ‘Matobo’ on one of the most underrated Progressive labels in the country. Tracks such as ‘Insert Coin’, ‘Limpopo’, and most recently ‘Kids Of The 80s’ exposed fans to Alex H’s signature, energetic Progressive sound and ‘Matobo’ falls right in line with his previous releases, while bringing a unique flavor to the table as well. Alex layers in a soothing synth line over an atmospheric background before a series of staggered melodies tingle the high end of the track. A soft kick-bass rhythm is smoothed out by a crisp hi hat melody creating an oddly satisfying, dissonant touch. As is the case with most Alex H tracks, the talented artist hones in on his ability to sooth the mind while simultaneously breathing life in to the track’s listener. ‘Matobo’ is another powerful gem to add to the growing arsenal of Alex H and proves once again why he’s one of the staples of the Heath Mill Recordings label.


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    Michael A
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    Voices From The Past