Alex H – Lindblum / Vice City

December 4th sees another release from label-favorite, Alex H, who rings in the holiday season with a touch of his own. Previous releases have included some of the best from Heath Mill Recordings to date, with records such as Limpopo, Mima alongside label-mate Maiga, and his debut release on the label Insert Coin, standing out as some of the key highlights thus far. This month, Alex adds another two-track offering to what is already a stacked back catalog.

Divine synth patterns and a beautiful atmosphere characterize Lindblum early on. Quickly fading in to an early break, Lindblum comes right back at full speed with a slick percussive rhythm that lays the foundation for two distinct, yet complimentary synth melodies to slowly creep in from the background. The first, a looped chord that lands over the top of the tracks soundscape, is eventually engulfed by a wave of drawn out chords that gently bring the production back to its roots of sharp rim clicks and sub kicks.

Vice City sees Alex H take a much more down tempo approach than his previous two releases while maintaining a sharpened and distinct sound. Laying the tracks foundation with an ambiance that cant be matched, Alex quickly goes to work adding synth patterns and an assortment of different tones to fill the track out. The percussive rhythms are simple yet effective throughout the nine minute plus track and adding to the overall ambiance is a dissonant vocal echo.


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