Alex H – Kids of the 80s

Alex H is back at it with his latest release on Heath Mill Recordings. Following a couple of stellar releases in tracks like ‘Insert Coin’ and Limpopo’, Alex returns to the Heath Mill Imprint with a fresh cut that will almost certainly leave you with goosebumps. The latest release goes by the name of ‘Kids of the 80s’ and begins with a down tempo, somber melody, before things begin to pick up. With a simple shaker rhythm, a smooth sub kick, and a proper back melody, Alex H has this one on full display with a bright and euphoric tone to it. Doing what he does best, Alex H staggers his synth chords ever so slightly while layering in another, plucking melody over the top. Before long, the entire thing dissipates back into the smooth and calming shaker/kick/synth rhythm that propelled the track early on. If mellow, progressive vibes are your thing, ‘Kids of the 80s’ is a must hear.


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