Alex H – Insert Coin

Alex H, the freshest face on the Heath Mill Recordings roster, returns in a big way with his second release on the imprint. Following our interview which discussed everything from inspirations and influences to future plans, ‘Insert Coin’ looks to solidify Alex as a legitimate producer in the eyes of his peers. Following a track of such high quality such as ‘Limpopo’ (his first release) can certainly appear to be a daunting task, but Alex’s carefully crafted Tech and melodic groove prove he is more than capable of stepping up to the plate. The cascading chords and dark, melodic groove delicately crafted with dissonant synth patterns are sure to win over the hearts of the fans and the back melody is quite literally the perfect addition. In a scene where the heaviest drops and most in-your-face tunes land you on the main stage, Alex H is proof that there are still some truly talented Progressive artists out there that thrive on the subtleties and complexities of dance music.


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