Alex H – Chasing The Sun / Nightingale

This coming March sees label favorite and all around talent, Alex H., deliver his first release of the 2018 campaign on Heath Mill Recordings. The Midnight Coast label boss capped last year with an impressive collaboration alongside Heath Mill label mate Maiga during the summer and followed with a two track release on his own accord during the holiday season, while building the newly founded Midnight Coast and its sub labels every step of the way.

'Chasing The Sun' is an aptly titled production that pays homage to the sun-soaked beach vibes Alex has put on display for years now. Reminding us why he's garnered support from major acts like Roger Shah and Boom Jinx, 'Chasing The Sun' boasts a cheerfully delightful Balearic-infused melody with soft vocal whispers, swift percussion, and a plethora of expanding melodies capable of melting away even the most serious case of winter time blues. Due out officially on March 5th, 'Chasing The Sun' figures to make the rounds for many months to come.

The EP's b side features 'Nightingale', a marvelous, near-10 minute long exploration of some of the finest sounds Alex H. has to offer laid gently across a light and lush soundscape ideal for crafting nuanced melodies and providing a space for them to flourish. Leading the charge is a series of arpeggiated synth stabs that spend the majority of the track pressed against a softer, looped synth chord. 'Nightingale' possesses a firm backbone comprised of well-structured kick/clap combos that are prominent enough to fill out the production as a whole without taking away from the complex synth patterns and progressive atmosphere crafted by Alex from the start.