Michael A – Diaspora / Parallel Ways

Less than a month after delivering fans a properly-timed Christmas present (‘Let The Sun Shine’ & ‘Epilogue’ dropped last year on Christmas eve), label-favorite Michael A returns with his first offering of 2019. Officially scheduled for release on January 21st, the Belarussian artist has another two-track EP lined up that features a pair of unique productions that are perfectly depictive of the Michael A sound and direction he’s headed. And, quite honestly, the release makes for a truly beautiful addition to the Heath Mill Recordings repertoire.

The most recent offering leads with ‘Diaspora’, a blissed out progressive gem that features a distinctly enchanting vocal snippet and brilliantly smooth sound design from start to finish. The record clocks in at over six minutes in length, working through expansive synth structures, crisp percussive melodies, and the faint echo of that beloved vocal bit all along the way. By track’s end, the talented producer has pulled together an anthem that’ll entice party-goers on just about any dance floor out there.

The EP’s b-side is an eight minute-long groover titled ‘Parallel Ways’. ‘Parallel Ways’ is more of a subdued production, in comparison to its a-side counterpart, that boasts tightly-reverbed synth structures and beaming back melodies. Michael A does a beautiful job introducing several moods and emotions as the track progresses that continuously build off the previous chord progressions between each breakdown. Overall, the record tends to get a bit darker as it progresses, largely due to added effects such as more reverbed/horn-like synth blares and eerie samples, making this one a perfect warm up before heading straight down the rabbit hole for a bit.

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