Jelly For The Babies – Matter Of Time / Neuro

Up next for the ever-evolving Heath Mill Recordings imprint is another two-track release from label-standout Marijan Raskovic, aka Jelly For The Babies. Arriving officially on January 7th, the two-track EP marks the first we’ve heard from the Serbian-born artist since his last EP dropped on the West Coast record label at the end of 2017 and sees the label owner/radio show host kick off the winter months in style.

Matter of Time’ is a monstrous record that is easily one of the better tracks to come across the label as of late. Starting with a rhythmic percussive melody led by hollowed drum pads and a lead synth that alternates back and forth between two elongated notes, Raskovic carefully builds a production that continues to impress from start to finish. Raskovic uses that foundation to explore a series of deeper synth lines and added effects that’ll have anyone within earshot on a cosmic journey instantaneously.

The EP concludes with ‘Neuro’, a twisted production that clocks in astonishingly at just shy of 10 minutes in duration. The record begins with a cavernous soundscape dimly lit by the continuous throb of a looped synth line and a crisp snare rhythm. Over the top, a wandering synth melody captures the attention of those listening before eventually fading back in to the abyss of the production’s soundscape. By the record’s midway point, Raskovic has firmly instilled a driving rhythm down the center of the production while continuing to explore several lead melodies and looped effects, each unique in their own right.


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