GMJ – One Lamp

2018 ends in style with the return of talented Australian artist, GMJ. The veteran DJ and producer first made an impression on the Heath Mill Recordings imprint with a scorching single titled ‘Unseen Worlds’. His return has been a highly anticipated one ever since and fortunately enough his latest single arrives just in time for New Years Eve.

The official release date for GMJ’s ‘One Lamp’ is set for December 31st, but the record is already turning heads on the DJ circuit. A steady production from top to bottom, the Australian product offers up a silky-smooth single that features a steady stream of intricately looped hi hats, claps, and synths. Carefully adding a series of nuanced layers as the track progresses, listeners are introduced to several lush pads and soft synth chords while the snare/hi hat combo adds a degree of crispness to the soundscape’s backbone. Amidst the carefully structured rhythms is an echoed vocal sample placed over the top and a low end that boasts a soft and elongated, almost horn-like, note that fades in and out until the record comes to an end.

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