Ewan Rill – Details (Robert R. Hardy Remix)

beneath the arches heath mill recordings album 2018

‘Details’ marks the next production to be included on the upcoming Heath Mill Recordings’ album Beneath The Arches. Produced by Ivan Romanovskii, best known by the stage name of Ewan Rill, ‘Details’ originally came out on Heath Mill as the b-side to a two-track EP. In ‘Details’, Ewan Rill delivered a beautiful original production that was highlighted by an incredibly infectious low-end bit and a well-rounded soundscape that fit perfectly with the Heath Mill aesthetic.

The record’s upcoming inclusion on the Beneath The Arches album; however, comes in the form of a remix from another face fresh to the Heath Mill team in Robert R. Hardy. Robert R. Hardy is a bright talent that seemingly spends every possible waking moment making magic happen in the studio. As a direct result of that work ethic, he has managed to find a home with several well-respected labels as of late including Balkan Connection, Superordinate Music, and a host of others.

Robert R. Hardy’s remix of ‘Details’ clocks in at just over eight minutes in length and represents a brilliantly refreshing take on the original. The intro is patient in its build, but eventually the lush sounds of a budding lead melody can be heard creeping in from the background. Upon hitting its stride, Hardy’s take is blissful and features a crisp enough percussive rhythm and a flourishing back melody that allows the overall production to blossom beautifully. Overall, its a production that falls perfectly in line with the direction of Beneath The Arches.

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