Evgeny Lebedev – Black Rain

Rising producer Evgeny Lebedev had another standout year in 2018 that saw him land releases with Black Hole Recordings and appearances on Markus Schulz’s the Global DJ Broadcast. The Russian talent harnessed that building momentum and wasted no time diving head first in to 2019 with his first production of the year, officially scheduled for release on January 28th via Heath Mill Recordings.

Titled ‘Black Rain’, this booming record encapsulates listeners early on with big-time synth structures and powerful bass lines that continuously evolve throughout the entirety of the track’s duration. Clocking in at nearly seven minutes in length leaves Lebedev with ample time to truly bring about an impressive progression that sees the track work through several sonically-distinct, yet seemingly seamless sound structures. The long-winded intro features expansive horns and soundscapes that eventually blossom in to breathtakingly distinct breakdowns, before working in to a powerhouse rhythm in the record’s final two minutes.

‘Black Rain’ is easily one of our favorite releases to date and something that opens the doors for the release of the first ever Heath Mill compilation album, Beneath The Arches, on February 25th.

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