Accendo – Volt Hero

The wait for the newest Accendo release is almost over. June 6th of this year marks the 6th release for Accendo on his Heath Mill Recordings imprint, a beautiful little melody titled ‘Volt Hero’. The steady throb of a fat sub kick kicks things off for ‘Volt Hero’ while the insatiable plucking of an acoustic guitar glides in and out of the track. In the background, a crisp hi-hat can be heard while a down tempo melody creeps its way to the foreground before being brought to prominence. While at the foreground, Accendo builds upon that same melody as the guitar returns and disappears. A simple piano rhythm adds another smooth layer of melodies while the open faced hi-hat clashes in the back, keeping the beat steady. Towards the end, the piano is highlighted bringing in a second melody to build up another drop. Euphoria ensues following each drop and the track as a whole is a true journey, certainly one worth checking out.