Accendo – Sandy

Coming as the first release on the newly established Heath Mill Recordings, Accendo kicks things off with a track titled ‘Sandy’. ‘Sandy’ represents the first in a five track series named after the glaciers coverings the top of Mt. Hood, a large volcano in Accendo’s hometown skyline of Portland, Oregon. Beginning with a soft melody and a driving bass line, it isn’t long before a smooth piano melody graces the listener’s ear. The warm and summery melodies are met by the pleasant plucking of a sweet synth, while Accendo’s progressive vibes grab hold of the track. The build is masterfully crafted as the melodies and chords weave in out of each other. Just prior to its drop, the soft plucking of the synthesizer makes another appearance before we are met with a delightfully euphoric drop. The piano melody makes its way back and bounces playfully off the melodic chords. An excellent opening to the label, Accendo has certainly set the bar high for the future.


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