Accendo – Reid

The fifth and final in the five part series of tracks scaling the glacier capped mountains of Portland, Oregon is progressive beauty ‘Reid’. With several releases now under his belt, Accendo has really begun to hit his stride as of late, knocking his last five releases out of the park. ‘Reid’ gets its start with a clashing progressive melody built on cascading arpeggios that is then offset by a driving bass line. It’s a bit of the heavier side of Above & Beyond meets classic EDX on this one as the hard bass lines and uplifting melodies work well off each other. Dropping into a world of pure bliss, the breakdown is about as euphoric as it gets with several layers of excellently crafted melodies weave in and out of each other. A true journey from start to finish, the complexity of this one is another testament to Accendo’s talents as a producer.


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