Accendo – Ochoco

Making its way on to the Heath Mill Recordings label at the beginning of July, Accendo’s newest track is sure to turn a lot of heads as we head in to summer. Ridding himself of some of the high energy and bass ridden melodies we’d seen in prior tracks, ‘Ochoco’ is a much more dissonant and laid back tune. Twilight melodies with swift percussive rhythms make for a relaxing rhythm while atmospheric effects fade in and out. Blending in his Progressive influenced syncopated chords, the melody rings off the ear prior to being joined in by the sweet plucking of an acoustic guitar. Coming out on July 4th, ‘Ochoco’ not only reiterates his diversity as a talented artist, but is also in contention for his most quality release to date. With a preview already up on Soundcloud, Accendo has truly left his fans wanting more after the most production.