Accendo – 27 Seconds In Columbus

On June 20th, Trance fans all over will be treated to another new single from rising talent Accendo and the Heath Mill Recordings imprint. ’27 Seconds In Columbus’ is the name of this release and relies heavily on crafty chord progression to propel the track. Characterized by a thick sub kick to start, the layered melodies join in shortly thereafter as Accendo’s added effects fill out the track. Following the drop, the listener is met with a down tempo, bass driven melody with a simple high end back melody to accompany. Progressive vibes are laden throughout the entirety of the track as ’27 Seconds In Columbus’ is euphoric in all its glory and demonstrates more of those early EDX influences touched upon in prior releases. With a release coming later in June, the production quality just keeps getting better and better with each release from the budding artist, with no signs of slowing any time soon.


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